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How to start a stunning project with us.
Step by step instructions
01Submit a request
First things first, send us a project request. This is the initial step towards your project creation. We'll need to know what we'll be dealing with in order to know if what you request is something that we are able to do or not. It's not because we create digital content that we can do everything out of the imaginary. Remember, we have our limits just like everyone.
02Approval & discussions
The moment we receive your request, we'll start the evaluation process. We'll evaluate the following things: Time of completion, doability, size, restrictions, deadlines, prices and availability. When this is done, we'll let you know what we decided to do and weither or not we'll be able to help you with the project you want to start. Please note that it takes us up to 48 hours to get back to you with an answer prior to the submition of the request.
03Projects takeoff
This is the part where we've approved your project and where things can start. Before we actually starts, we'll have to sign contracts in order to protect both parties (you and us) and you'll have to give us any information or assets crusial to the development of the project. We'll also have to establish a good way of communication for fast update and requests if needed.

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The satisfaction of our clients is super important to us. When working on a clients project, we want to make sure that the client is more than satisfied with the final results we are bring to the table.
Communication is the most important thing when dealing with parties. We’ll keep it 100 with everyone and be super transparent about everything. We keep out clients updated to the project’s situation and evolution every week, sometimes everyday.
When a project is done, the client has the option to let us know if he wants us to keep maintaining the project through its life cycle by fixing bugs and adding new content. Monthly fees will be applied.
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We enjoy working on new projects.

We love meeting new people.

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